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All Passion Diamond diamonds are certified by the laboratories of the best internationally recognized gemological institutes.

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PASSION DIAMOND official retailer G.I.A offers G.I.A. and I.G.I.-certified diamonds at the Rapaport price expressed in U.S. dollars plus 10% brokerage fee plus 10% for Triple EX. Transparency, unique in Italy on the purchase at the price of international buyers, certainty to buy from an Official Seller G.I.A.

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The diamond is the ultimate, tax-free, tax-free refuge asset of free movement around the world. Per unit of volume is the highest value on the market, which means that an important capital can be contained in one hand.

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Diamonds, turned into jewels, are the ideal safe haven good. They become our most enduring imprint, because they are the only art form that is contextualized on the body. I don't think we need other objects that limit the way we behave. I am interested in a more intimate and mobile art form, which encourages us to still be children, to play, to touch, to experiment.

The jewel, with precious metals and diamonds awakens our imagination. Those who wear it and live their lives, fill it with personal memories. That jewel is handed down to the new generations. Only a jewel has this power. Pass on our memories and preserve capital.

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    Il Diamante

    È un bene di godimento: è un’opera d’arte che grazie alla sua dimensione e peso può essere facilmente protetto e trasportato, il suo valore artistico si riflette nel gioiello che può essere indossato ed ammirato mantenendo inalterato il suo valore e la sua convertibilità sui mercati internazionali

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