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The precious works PASSION DIAMOND are made by the expert hands of our Italian Goldsmith Masters: created individually with the ancient technique of lost wax casting. Each creation has a slight difference in weight due to the manual sensitivity of master Goldsmith, so each of our jewels is a unique specimen.

From the combination of the excellence of our Italian Goldsmith Masters and the creations of our international designers are born collections icons of perfection and beauty.

PASSION DIAMOND is the arrival of a 40-year entrepreneurial experience: entirely lived in the world of high-end jewelry and in the sale of certified diamonds listed at the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.


Passion Diamond is also “Official Seller” G.I.A.: the most recognized name on the international market. An American gemological institute founded in 1931 that has translated its in-depth notions into the most prestigious educational tools in the field of gemology. The invention of the 4 C: color, clarity, cut and carat and the creation in 1953 of the International Diamond Grading System, which is still recognized worldwide today, is due to G.I.A.

Transparency and seriousness policy implemented in the realization of safe, productive and moldable sales to every customer’s need

International competency requirements both in the gemological sector and in the commercial sector

Security to have a relationship with a company internationally recognized by G.I.A. that offers only products CERTIFIED from the major International Gemmological Institutes :

G.I.A.- I.G.I. -H.R.D.


PASSION DIAMOND associates the jewel with a deeper meaning than the purely aesthetic one: each of our works translates into art not only for design but to be the bearer of an intrinsic meaning.

Our Italian Goldsmith Masters have given life to PASSION DIAMOND creations: avant-garde designs and classic lines for an unparalleled masterpiece of goldsmith art.

Each PASSION DIAMOND jewel is made exclusively from stones certified by the international G.I.A. laboratory.


Passion Diamond accompanies the customer at every stage of the purchase of the G.I.A certified Fancy Color Diamond, alongside him in the creation of the jewel. Next, based on these choices, the models are suggested and proposed, the color of gold that best stands out the color of your Diamond. Finally, if desired, the stones will be chosen for the outline, which will be the perfect frame for your Fancy Color diamond certified G.I.A.


Jewelry represents the perfect harmonic fusion between perpetual and ephemeral, history and innovation.

PASSION DIAMOND offers the creativity of international designers who know how to translate universal taste, freed from the artistic constraints of the past, an enchantment that we have achieved through the obsessive search for perfection at every stage of the process.

We only set up GIA-certified diamonds with laser incision from a minimum of 0.25 ct.

The part of the diamond bearing the certificate number is always set outside the labels so that it is always visible and easily detectable at all times.

Our jewels are on display in the most seductive and exciting galleries in the world: women.

… could I live without my heart?
A ring that symbolizes pure, eternal love and above all things.

The company’s transparency policy aims to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity: for this reason we have patented innovative brands formed by the fingers of one hand.
Ordinary Patent No. 202017000016654


I LOVE YOU…. The symbol of love hidden by our monogram, for nothing is more intimate than love…

Media Campaign in co-marketing  with


Collier, ring and earrings made of white, yellow and pink gold with diamonds and polished stones: cogolo, turquoise, onyx, mother of pearl and coral.

Smooth caresses on the skin.


Flowers, like turning them by a slight wind, rotate on themselves.

The glare and reflections of the stones create an enchanting aura.

Precious flowers made of white gold with pavé of sapphire diamonds, rubies or emeralds.

A gust of pure beauty.


Paintings in sapphire and diamond pavé for a night sky illuminated by your constellation.

Collier, ring and earrings made of white and yellow gold.

Available in 12 zodiac signs.


The universal sign of infinity generated by two souls that complement each other.

Collier, ring and earrings in white gold or diamond pavè.

Available with ruby, sapphire or emerald.


Since the 1950s charms have become a must: tinkling wrist jewelry for every anniversary…

The memory of a beautiful summer holiday?

A degree? An emotional moment?

From Jacqueline Kennedy who always wore them to Liz Taylor collecting them, these charms bracelets are a timeless fashion.

PASSION DIAMON proposes them with closures topped with cabochon-cut rubies.


Exquisite and unforgettable sugar candies as colorful as your moments…

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds… colorful rain of sweetness….

Sweet unforgettable thoughts.


A ring with a sinuous and exclusive body bandages the finger creating an indissoluble knot.

A slight embrace made of yellow, white and pink gold.

The white gold version with designer-mounted diamonds is available, which runs through the entire jewel.

Love Bond Ring


Gold 750 % 17.00 gr.

Diamonds 0.40 ct

ColorE F

Purity V.V.S.

Diamonds 0.20 ct Cognac color


To live without fear … infinite love.

A special gift that with as seal a precious stone.


The modern symbol of an ancient people.


PASSION DIAMOND creates unique, unrepeatable jewels: Masterpieces are the top of the collections.

… examples of perfection, beauty and quality.

Tradition and innovation are enhanced by the unparalleled mastery of our designers: each of our works is distinguished by the precision of handmade work and perfection, certified by GIA, of the chosen gems: unique jewelry and unmistakable details.

Thanks to our goldsmiths, modellers and cashiers we make any type of processing.

In each of our creations, the emotion that accompanies it is perceptible: ornamental forms that transmit messages imprinted forever in precious metal.


A prime example of a goldsmith masterpiece: the maximum capacity of our master Italian goldsmiths in the tradition of the round brand.

Each jewel is made with different carats and diamond shapes.


A work that radiates in a rainbow of lights and colors the splendor of each stone translated into an exclusive design.


In the field of coin mintings and medals of the highest value LAST LIRA was the national leader, playing a leading role in all the historical celebrations of our country.

Exclusive works in limited edition with printed guarantee of the Polygraphic Institute and Mint of the State.

Medals minted in proof and semi-proof, with four-way lacqtures and numberings: the technique of the past enhanced by new technologies .

Time leaves no doubt to understand the value:

Beauty, emotion, harmony and value not only remain intact but rather, increase over time….



a unique memory to leave a trace of self and Italian history.

On the currency front we find the CORNUCOPIA, a symbol of luck, abundance and prosperity.

On the back is the SCALE, a symbol of justice and balance.

An intrinsic meaning of supreme immutable value that is melted into the precious metal.

This activity has been applauded by the highest institutional offices who have expressed their appreciation with concrete thank you

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