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Diamonds, turned into jewels, are the ideal safe haven good. They become our most enduring imprint, because they are the only art form that is contextualized on the body. I don’t think we need other objects that limit the way we behave. I am interested in a more intimate and mobile art form, which encourages us to still be children, to play, to touch, to experiment. The jewel, with precious metals and diamonds awakens our imagination. Those who wear it and live their lives, fill it with personal memories. That jewel is handed down to the new generations. Only a jewel has this power. Pass on our memories and preserve capital.

Masterpieces: jewels with an exclusive and always unparalleled design, are born from your requests combined with our goldsmith mastery of excellent level: a maniacal desire of enchantment and meaning that results in a “unicum” of aesthetic and stylistic perfection.

Unrepeatable and personal Masterpieces: after each realization the matrix, the design and the wax of the jewel are destroyed to ensure the customer that exclusivity that everyone will admire and never be able to imitate.

Each stage of the workmanship is taken care of in the smallest details, to allow you to grasp the inimitable charm of each Masterpieces jewel in which the light and color of precious stones and diamonds are valued, pure lines and harmonics are transformed into objects that over time will forever convey the intrinsic emotion and passion of that “event” fused in precious metal

The Masterpieces are the meeting point of tradition and modernity: creations for those who love exclusivity and the essence of goldsmith art: an extraordinary work.

Passion Diamond satisfies every desire and creates it with the customer: our team of modelers, design and cashiers supports you, advises and shapes your Masterpieces.

PASSION DIAMOND to enhance the exclusivity of each customer creates custom jewelry: it is in fact possible to laser engrave on the side crown of the diamond names, dates or any phrase. This type of engraving, more intimate than those made on metal, is practicable on any kind of jewel: the best way to capture your happiest moments.

The labels will be the frame in which the engraving will always shine: the most precious canvas, the diamond, for unique gifts.

Passion Diamond certifies and guarantees gold at 750 thousandths (18 carats).

The purchase at the origin guarantees the quality of diamonds and fine stones of color less than ct 0.25, which are further selected according to the cut, color and purity by a group of our experts before they can access our laboratories.

For higher carts we use only Laser Incision certified diamonds.

Certified Laser Incision Diamonds

In our goldsmith’s workshop we set the G.I.A, I.G.I,  and  HRD certified diamond, always leaving the diamond’s side crown off the label, so that the laser engraving can be consulted even after the set-up. 

The laser engraving should be sought on the side crown of the diamond:the series of numbers hasa length of just a couple of millimeters, so that it is not invasive, since it would alter the quality of the diamond, producing an extra mark on the stone.

Using a goldsmith lens  with magnifications at  15X  or  20X  will make it easy to locate the incision.

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