Relocation procedure – Passion Diamond

Relocation procedure

For better implementation of our resale service Passion Diamond hires mandates on behalf of customers for the relocation of diamonds taking care of the resale procedures:
Passion Diamond will assume the mandate to resell, all or even only in part, the diamonds purchased through him for at least six years.
Passion Diamond will take care to register the mandate received in the appropriate register respecting the chronological order for the fulfillment of the mandate, will place the diamonds in the international Rapnet circuit being a registered menbro (PASSION ID RapNet: 114778) and will give the customer every offer received until the complete satisfaction of the customer.
Passion Diamond for the brokerage activity will treat a determined fee in the following ways and percentages:
  • Relocation after 7th year from the date of purchase – 8%
  • Relocation after the 8th year from the date of purchase – 6%
  • Relocation after the 9th year from the date of purchase – 5%
  • Relocation after the 10th year and beyond from the date of purchase – 2%
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