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Kimberley Process

PASSION DIAMOND adheres to the world self-regulation program, called Kimberley Process, born from the desire of the main South African countries to enhance the trade of diamonds coming from places where the extraction work is controlled and protected and aimed at ensuring that the profits obtained from the diamond trade  are not used to finance civil wars.

The name KIMBERLEY PROCESS comes from the namesake diamond city of South Africa, where in 2002 about 60 mining countries  extractors and buyers of rough diamonds met, together with representatives of the major industries and commercial companies in the sector of various human rights organizations. The problem was to establish a mechanism for controlling the raw stones market to ensure that diamonds mined in war zones did not reach the world market and thus stopped funding the warring parties. In November 2002, 52 governments ratified and adopted the  Kimberley Process Certification System (KPCS), which was fully implemented in August 2003. In this way, the contracting countries sellers sell rough diamonds with a Certificate of Origin proving that they have been extracted legally and have not financed armed movements and the contracting countries buyers only purchase gems accompanied by that certificate.

All countries that are part of the Kimberley Process are kept under close scrutiny.
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