Ethologically, the term comes from the Greek  “adamas” which means “invincible”, “indomitable”, “inflexible”, “indestructible”, probably because the ancients did not know matter capable of affecting it.

Thanks to their properties and characteristics they have always been highly sought after since their discovery. A stone that over the centuries is recognized: precious and exclusive when mounted in jewelry, indispensable and unique if used in the industrial sector, excellent and guaranteed safe haven used for investments, passing between religious beliefs and legends for higher gifts attributed to this wonderful stone that nature gives us.

The Diamond symbolizes moral and intellectual values, represents the different facets of personality, such as purity, innocence, invincibility and strength. It is also to bring the image of the diamond back to the mystical center.

The Diamond was known in the East as early as 3000 BC and thanks to Alexander the Great’s expeditions he also appeared in the West.

The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of fallen stars on earth, while others claimed that they were the tears of the gods and others believed that the diamond fire reflected the constant flame of eternal love

The legend of the ancient Romans gives this stone supernatural powers, in fact those who possess it will always be protected from diseases and bad dreams: even today many associate the Diamond with a powerful talisman and some people recognize the ability to increase love and make it eternal perhaps remembering the Roman tradition according to which the arrows of Cupid had the spearhead

Over the centuries, diamonds have become the gift of love par excellence:

The tradition of the diamond engagement ring only began in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria donated a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy.

The reason why women wear the ring to the ring finger of the left hand goes back instead to the first Egyptians who believed, in fact, that the amoris vein (the vein of love) ran directly from the heart to the tip of the ring finger of the left hand.

Several centuries have been the references of literate and cultural people to diamonds among these wanting to inconvenient one there is Pliny the Elder who in his ” Naturalis Historia ” encyclopedic work on natural phenomena made a quote on the diamond: “the diamond represents the greatest value, not only of precious stones, but of all the good things of the earth. “

Wanting to remember a more recent quote:

“Diamonds are women’s best friends”

so Marilyn sang.

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