The lab – Passion Diamond

The lab

Each of our jewels is made by the expert hands of our Italian Orafi Masters: craftsmanship, beauty and creativity are the foundation of Passion Diamond creations.

Passion Diamond has always been faithful to tradition, does not use preforms or printed, all the stages of processing are carried out in complete in Italy.

Only with the ancient technique of lost wax casting do we create timeless works of art.

Each Passion Diamond jewel differs from other creations to slight weight differences due to the master Goldsmith’s manual sensitivity.

The Passion Diamond Collections are a combination of a classic design and the search for the contemporary from which exclusive jewels, interpreters of our time and heritage of the unchanging beauty of every era are born.

A manic desire of enchantment and meaning that results in rare examples of aesthetic and stylistic perfection

The Passion Diamond collections are an unmistakable work of aesthetic taste capable of enhancing every occasion.

PASSION DIAMOND to enhance the exclusivity of each customer creates custom jewelry: it is in fact possible to laser engrave on the side crown of the diamond names, dates or any phrase. This type of engraving, more intimate than those made on metal, is practicable on any kind of jewel: the best way to capture your happiest moments.

The labels will be the frame in which the engraving will always shine: the most precious canvas, the diamond, for unique gifts.

Passion Diamond certifies and guarantees gold at 750 thousandths (18 carats).

The purchase at the origin guarantees the quality of diamonds and fine stones of color less than ct 0.25, which are further selected according to the cut, color and purity by a group of our experts before they can access our laboratories.

For higher carts we use only Laser Incision certified diamonds.

Certified Laser Incision Diamonds

In our goldsmith’s lab we set the G.I.A,  I.G.I. and  HRD certified diamond, always leaving the side crown of the diamond out of the label, so that the laser incision can be consulted even after the set-up.

L’incisione al laser va cercata sulla corona laterale del diamante: la serie di numeri ha una lunghezza di appena un paio di millimetri, in modo tale che non risulti invasiva, poiché altererebbe la qualità del diamante, producendo un segno in più sulla pietra.

Usando una lente da orafo con ingrandimenti a 15X o 20X sarà agevole individuare l’incisione.

Nel nostro laboratorio orafo incastoniamo il diamante certificato GIA, IGI e HRD, lasciando sempre la corona laterale del diamante fuori dalla griffe, in modo che l’incisione al laser possa essere consultata anche dopo l’incastonatura.
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