Sinfonia Legame d’Amore® – Passion Diamond

Sinfonia Legame d’Amore®

At the dawn of time, when only passion and instinct guided the man, the man chased the chosen woman. After long stakeouts he kidnapped her and led her to her own territory, where he tied her to a tree. When anger and fear yielded to understanding and love, the man loosened the rope leaving the woman free, but tied to the finger of his “bride” a thin cord as a reminder of that tumultuous encounter. It was the seal of passion, of possession, of eternal love. The first ring was born like this.

Maniacal desire for enchantment,
achieved through the search for perfection.

Meaning, grasp the meaning of the moment, express a feeling, but also a superior propensity for universally recognizable beauty. Enchantment brought in any circumstance of the day, shines with an inimitable light, which only art and natural charm can emanate.

Legame d’Amore® – Abbraccio

Rings made in a limited and exclusive world edition of an alphanumeric series of 1/99 numbered specimens in the following 3 versions: