Rapaport – Passion Diamond


The list of cut diamonds is the Rapaport Diamond Report.

the 1970s, Martin Rapaport had the ingenious intuition to formalize what happened every day in the trading halls of the 3 most important Diamond Exchanges of the time: Antwerp, Tel Aviv and New York. Until that day the prices were taken from the local market and therefore what was true in Antwerp, did not correspond to New York.Il Rapaport price list (Rapaport Diamond Report), also known as “the list”, is the source of price information for the diamond trade. It is used in the Gros Market of diamonds at all the world squares, to know the weekly prices of diamonds. This price list is updated every Thursday and reports prices distinguishing diamonds by categories according to cut, color, purity and weight (the famous 4 “C”: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat). The remarkable result is that today, in every part of the world, all traders accredited to trade on the telematics market can know the real value of a diamond, as is the case in international stock exchanges for other raw materials.


Only 20% of the diamonds extracted have characteristics that can become a precious stone, the rest is destined for the industrial sector in the most advanced technologies.


Moreover, only 2% of the “cut”, of the commercial market, constitutes investment diamonds, stones completely different from those destined for jewelry: a rare and prestigious commodity.


That is why this stone is the best choice for an investment and to diversify the assets, it is no coincidence that the best economists and investors consider the quintessential safe haven asset.