Opulentia Dea – Passion Diamond

Opulentia Dea

An idea born for the “Woman Goddess”: a unique jewel modeled on your desires. This collection is inspired by the grandeur of the ancient Gods, each of them had unique gifts and represented a slice of the world as well as predominant personality traits; so our new line wants to raise you to the divine world. In a world that is now hectic and towards homologation, we want to give our Dees a unique jewel: a masterpiece. An “original” work that wants to enclose the splendor of every precious stone on Earth and their intrinsic power.

THE DIAMOND: the most coveted and desired stone, represents the tears of the gods. Among the Indians is elevated to stone symbol of the illuminated. Transparent, bright, hard, pure and unchanging is considered a symbol of solidity and perfection.

The RUBIN: its name owes it to the color, a warm and enveloping red that since antiquity is linked to the Sun and to the fire of love and passion that burns infinitely.

THE Emerald: the stone of wisdom and rebirth, as well as stones favored by Queen Cleopatra. Tradition gives natural emerald crystals the ability to stimulate positive actions and results, providing the strength to counter any negativity.

Sapphire: In all its heavenly nuances, it is a stone of wisdom, royalty, prophecy and divine favor: chosen to preserve purity. From its deep blue color comes order and healing for the mind, to which it gives the power to see beyond appearances in order to discover fraud and betrayal: a protection for the wearer . On each jewel stand the precious stones, bearers of perfection, love, positivity and fidelity. Each stone shines and, along with the others, creates a rainbow of lights and colors that only a poet can describe. A jewel, a unique and inimitable work of art: created for the Goddess who wants to make out, as Aphrodite, her beauty, but also her interiority, like the wise Athena and the faithful Age.

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